Saturday, March 24, 2012

Playing in my Zhu-Zhu pets play-house

Posted by Shampooe at 9:50 PM
I feel like a real zhu-zhu pet when I am playing in my fun house. There are three big rooms here: the kitchen/bedroom, bathroom/grooming parlor, and the disco room. Please, continue reading to see the kinds of things I can do with my imagination and creativity as a hamster.

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This is where I hang out with my pals, get down (dancing) and do karaoke. We have a lot of fun in here, click here to see an example of what we can do in the disco room. The zhu-zhu you see here is named...num nums...

this is the public bathroom, where we use toilet and groom ourselves and wash up. I have my own private potty, but it's in my cage in my house. You will hear all about that another time :3 Oops, Scoodles is in here, sorry m8! Good thing he was just washihng his hands...why is there a carrot in here what the-- 

LAST ROOM: kitchen/bedroom
This is just a cool room to chill in when I need time away from my plastic friends. They can get kind of creepy, to be honest.

Finally, here is a video of MOII playing in my zhu-zhu pet hamster house. I feel like a real zhu-zhu pet when I'm in here!

Here are some links to other videos of me playing here, too:


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