Friday, June 22, 2012

First Look at Black Pudding, the New Hamster (cage tour)

Posted by Shampooe at 10:39 AM
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video description: 
This is a video for my blog. Please enjoy my narrated video of a tour of my hamsters' cage. They live together, as you can see, but don't spend a whole lot of time with each other. Special guests involved. This is a crittertrail cage and a glass aquarium style cage put together with habitrail tubes. 
Also, a first look at my newest hamster, black pudding.

Not only is this video of a cage tour, 
you will also get a good first look at black pudding.
 the baby new baby hamster.
 the video is captioned because it's hard to hear whats being said in it


Anonymous said...

Please seperate them immediately. Syrians are solitary. PERIOD. They can not live together and while thy may not fight they are stressed and do not need to be together. They may fight in the future even killing each other.

Crayfish Tickler said...
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Pip said...

i hope they dont fight :[

Crayfish Tickler said...

they dont fight, they are much happier together.

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