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Updates from the Basement of Hamsterdom aka HAMSTERDOME

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This post will be written by my owner. 
She assured me that I'm a really great writer, and that people would much rather read this blog if It was updated by me, seeing as how I'm the celebrity, but that she needed to work on her writing skills for college! 
So I will let you know if she is a guest editor or if the posts are written by me in the meantime and future...

(Please be kind to her, she is my only owner and key to the real-real world!)

June 16, 2012
Dear Readers, 

I would like to inform you of some changes that have taken place since our vacation to Delaware and the time in between the post entitled "An Update from Sweety's Owner; Captain of Sparkley World" (4.15.2012) until today (6.17.2012)...

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So we are finally off of our extended-extended-second vacation. Well actually, the vacation was only about a week long, so an explanation as to why we have not been updating the blog and keeping along with our end of the blogwork-mechanism thingy doodad is probably in order. Besides pure laziness, which actually was not much of a factor in our decision to put the blog on hold--just a minor detail (HONESTLY!!!), there have been factors in my life which have deterred me from doing any online work in general. So these factors also meant that I would not be updating any of my blogs either. I know that it doesn't take much work to just  hop online and make a quick update, but seeing as how I like my posts to be thorough and informational, they take a few hours and a lot of brainpower to conceive.

Regardless of the extended break, which I would like to re apologize for cause I actually do feel pretty bad, there have been lots of good ham-sty related things that have been going on as well that I want to let you guys in on. The first big update is the introduction of my baby hamster BLACK PUDDING. She is a black and white syrian hamster, and she smells really funny.
 I bought her at Petco and she cost $12.99. 
She is named after the English Blood pudding stool stink poop cakes

she's really cute and really sweet, but she is sort of dumb compared to Princess Sprinkles.
I can tell that she is getting smarter though, every day. I think she was just dumb at first because she was a baby, but now she is pretty smart.

They live in the same cage, and get along pretty great actually. The first day I put them together, I was sort of afraid because the lady at the petco told me that her friends hamster fought each other to the death so I was like ohnooooooooo is that going to happen to my baby princess sprinkes I'm going to be so sad, especially if they both die!!! But they don't fight that much, and generally keep to theirselves. Also, I got an awesome new cage so that they have more room to play around, and I attatched the new cage to the old glass tank and took away the small little baby portable cage, and only use that to hold them in when I am cleaning their real cages. 

So she is like 2 months old now or something like that, and they barely ever fight I hear them fight maybe once per night. That is astounding considering the fact that they share a wheel. Well, there are two wheels in the cage, but the other wheel is closed in and plastic and princess sprinkles spoiley pants uses it as a hamster nest and she puts all her bedding and goodies in there and totally takes it over and steals the whole thing so that nobody can enjoy it's usage but her (lol.)

ANOTHER thing that has been going on is that I entered this contest on this forum that I go to called PETFORUMS.COM, and it's called PET PHOTO OF THE MONTH.

So the winner gets $100 and I took a specific photoshoot which I lost most of the pictures for because I stupidly gave this camera back to this dude without taking out the memory card, so those pics are probably lost BUT I did have a pretty decent pic that I was working on in photoshop that I entered int he contest. I reckon that you should join, it's really easy and only takes like 1 minutes, and you go in there and submit your own darn tootin pictures or you just simply vote for mine at the beginning on JULY because I really want that $100 and I tried really hard to get good pics of my hammies for the contest! Here is a sneak preview of my entry, because in order to see the good version you;ll have to sign up for petforums and look at the post gosh dearnit.

also, me and my boyfriend are back together. we are no longer fighting. I don;t know if I brought that up but we arent just so youknow. Cause I crossed his name out and put ex-boyfriend and stuff. So I'm sorry about that bee-bee, and if you ever read this I love you a lot and I'm sorry I crossed your boyfriend title out ;(
Love you :)

also we are going to get married and move in together if I ever get enough money from this blog to make a decent living. 

Click the Picture below to donate to our (me and the hammy's) charitable fund, the "help us out with our cage and getting more beautiful nice things because we're broke" fund! If you include your name and a message about what you want us to spend the money on we will gracefully purchase the items, write your name, and post a blog about you and anyone else who donates to our charity!  (me, princess sprinkles, and black pudding)

or click on this paypal button

Will update with better pictures and stuff tomorrow or the next day, but I have to go to sleep now cause it's 12:30 EST time. 
 Princess Sprinkles, and Black Pudding the Babby

p.s. the funny dancing dog .gif is my way of saying "im sorry"


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I really missed reading these blog entries c: so cute

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thanks bro,

missed all my friends!

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