Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Update from Sweety's Owner; The Cpt. of Sparkley World

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not actually a picture of my hamster
Hi! We are still on vacation. Just enjoying the weather here in good old Deleewharrrr. So I decided to take over the writing for today and make a post on some reviews of sparkly dazzly pretty princess hamster homes, so I guess I'll go ahead and do that!


Let's start with a pink sparkly one. This one is by Rotostak, which I think is an English Brand and they have so many cute themed hamster homes!! This one is called the  Dreamland Hamster Cage by Rotostak! Here is description straight from the manufacturer:

The Dreamland Hamster Cage by Rotastak is a fairytale castle complete home for your very own Princess Hamina. The wide variety of tunnels, tubes and extension units help to simulate their natural living conditions and provide both them and you with hours of fun and entertainment.
 Here are some more pink pretty princess rotostak homes. They range in price from 30-50 POUNDS (engliss money)

You can purchase them from this website, online:

The Creepy Castle Hamster house, fer boys! I really like this design, it looks modern and sleek and the colors certainly do evoke a kind of gothic-futuristic appeal but there arent that many tubes and the wheel
A good thing about it is that it comes with a food bowl and water and all that, and it has 3 spaces for your hamster to make a nest, use for litter, and store food or whatever you need to do!
This is the Mission Pod by Rotostak! This looks awesome, its an epic space adventure in the colorful cartoon galaxy. Love ROBOTS! The wheel even has a cool pinwheel design on it and the house is shaped like a superdome ! Cool for boy and girl hamsters. Buy it here:
A good crittertrail home! This is a different brand, it's american and I actually prefer these ones even though they don't have all these cool themes, they have a lot of good features. This one can be found in petsmart and petco! Hamsters ROCK! So the cool thing about this one is that it can be equipped with attatchable tubes that are sold seperately, to attach any of the other Crittertrail hamster Habitat luxuries such as the portable outhouse, the spacestation, and many other cute thiings. This home has a tube that connects to a sleeping area on top (yellow thing attatched to the yellow tube on the top left), which can be filled with bedding like toilet paper or cotton or fleece for the hamster to make a nest. There is a circular staircase that is really catchy that connects to the wheel. So Unique! 
 Another Crittertrail Home. It has the space station living area (the purple dome shaped thing on top), it has the awesome wheel that can be detattched to have an orbiting circular tihng that you can play with on your bed or the floor, and it will circle around when your hamster walks in it. I have had this exact home with other hamsters, and it is really awesome! The only thing I can complain about is that the wheel gets full of food. The newer pod homes have holes in the wheel that are big enough for food to fall throiugh, but that the hamster wont hurt their selves becaues it's in the middle of the wheel for safety. You can also attatch different things to this one, like tubes, potty, etc, a different wheel if you want. just lots of good stuff. This was Wall-e's home, and the whole thing iS SPARKLY AND PURPLE!!! ALl of the pieces are sparkly, by the way. It's hard to see from the picture. 

SO THERES MY UPDATE! Even though I'm on vacation, I made sure to make time for my fellow bloggies!! Princess Says Hi!


Pip Tee said...

no fair i want tubes and slides in my house ;[

Ryan Taylor said...

Those rotostak homes look intense as fuckkk

Freshy said...

Nice equipment ;)

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