Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Princess Sprinkles Get's Squished

Posted by Shampooe at 3:18 PM

This is a picture (PICTURE IS BELOW) that my owner took of me about a week ago. To say the least, my cage was getting the best of me. I felt trapped, like a big person stuck in a little jail cell. The set-up of my home was fine, and I had a lot of things to keep me occupied, but my mind kept screaming, "SPACE!!! I NEED MORE SPACE!!!"

Finally I got the message across to my Owner. She finally got the money up, after saving for a few months, to purchase me some accessories to expand my glass cage into a more bigger and luxurious set-up for me. Besides that, I also got some new bedding type of this stuff that smells SO GOOD! It's called ASPEN! I love it, and I've been sleeping in my new burrow all day thanks to the fluffiness of my new hamster bedding. Please see some before and after pics of my cage :)

Feeling Claustraphobic EEK!

This is a video of my cage before-hand...

As you can see, I was frantically scurrying about because I had no room to play!!

NOW, check out some pics from my new Digsssss.

A View of the whole cage

Scary Child Man and Smelly White thing

MEE!!! I feel so small now :O


I don't know whats going on here


Im coming down :3


Fluffy doodads hammock

The Watcher of Everything--Sentinal

Oversized Hamster Child


Ryan Taylor said...

seriously makes me smile

joshxpie said...

haha cute :X

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