Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hamster Home of the Week: Hammieworldrox488

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As you humans may know, Hamster's do not have hands large enough and capable of typing blog posts, so I have to relay everything I want written to my Owner. It can be kind of a frustrating process, but somehow we get it done everytime. So anywayy......

Sorry I have not been posting hamster homes of the week every week, but I finally got somebody with a nice cage to respond to my request. I was thinking about using hammieworldrox488 for my next review, but my owner had already asked someone on the forums but they didnt respond. So I decided it was time to move on, and asked her to be my content for the day!

She has many many pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, cats, and especially a cute syrian hamster named FLAPJACK! She posts a lot of videos about her pets on her youtube channel, so please visit it and subscribe to her feed:

There are three main parts to her cage, which in total cost her over $260 (%&#^$!!!)
 The first part is the Loft, which is a spacious and futuristic looking rounded bubble space thing...
This is where Flapjack's silent spinner is located as well as the hamsters food and toys.
 Here is a spacious view of the inside...@^_^@ SO SPACIOUS!

Then we have the tubes and the litterbox/water area of the cage. There is a lot of cool things to be seen here, and some windows and cool tunneling action. I love the smell of plastic (@_@)

Here is a closeup of the watertube and litterbox set-up

(sorry about the youtube thumbnail, my owner sometimes does not know what she is doing *shakes head*)

And I saved the best for last, this is Flapjack enjoying his cool stylish Home!

Thanks for reading my blog! Please visit her youtube! I will be showing everybody what my cage looks like as soon as I persuade my master into editing a video for me. Which won't be hard, I get her to do things for me all day kekekeke.

P.S. We watched hamtaro together today. It was magical.
HAMTAROOOOOO; little hamster's big adventures;

I forgot the words.

Here is a cute video of Flapjack enjoying his Treatstick for Hamsters


Pip Tee said...

omnomnomnom cleaning his hands hahaah looks funny

joshxpie said...

aww soo cute :)

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